Un cuidado digno a las personas mayores en Dinamarca


Año: 2019

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Denmark has come a long way in developing the elderly care. Through a citizen-centered approach and targeted efforts including assist- ed living technology, the aim is to
assure that elderly citizens more often can maintain their independence and quality of life.

The overall ambition for developing the elderly care is to improve quality of life for elderly citizens with focus on values such as influence over one’s own life, respect for diversity, focus on humanity, self-determination and worthiness in the last part of life.

In Denmark, we have a dignified elderly care with focus on involving and empowering every citizen with focus on their individual needs and preferences. The goal is to maintain their independence and gain control of their own life.

The citizens are involved in their own recovery with focus on their individual needs.

New assisted-living technology play an important role within the sector of elderly care. Danish municipalities and hospitals in the regions are implementing innovative technologies that support citizens in their daily routines, keeping them connected, physically active, and safe. These innovative Danish solutions can help improve the quality of life for elderly citizens as well as support health- care professionals in creating an efficient, coherent and high-quality framework for care, rehabilitation, and prevention.

Denmark will keep continuing to develop and expand the use of new assisted living technologies – in collaboration and dialogue with elderly citizens, their peers and care staff – to the benefit of citizens, healthcare professionals, and society.

Magnus Heunicke; Stephanie Lose; Jette Skive

Un cuidado digno a las personas mayores en Dinamarca
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