Porteus, Jeremy

With the significant growth in ‘baby boomers’ in the UK over the next 30 years, the APPG recommends a fresh approach to Government thinking so that, in future, older people are at the heart of their communities through ‘age-friendly’ planning, design and housing strategies that promote “living well at home”. It provided evidence that building new attractive apartments will not only provide a lifestyle choice for older people but also ensure that it can be adapted at a later date to accommodate a change in circumstance, thereby enabling someone to stay put due to frailty, illness or disability

Año: 2011

To give a real boost to the building of new
homes for older people, this APPG report,
HAPPI 2, sets out a Plan for Implementation.
For this I am grateful to all the participating
Parliamentarians, together with our ever helpful
Secretary, Jeremy Porteus, and everyone who
generously gave of their time to present high
quality evidence to us.

Año: 2012
Porteus, Jeremy
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